Biker Party
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Biker Party

Wanting to rev up your next adult party, then why not host a Bikers Party. Bikers grab your babes and get ready to roll into a night of fun!

So, if are invited to a biker party and have no idea what to wear, then here are some ideas.. black ripped skinny leg jeans with black boots. Wear jeans, leather pants, leather jacket, long sleeve t-shirt/sweatshirt and boots. Biker jacket or vest to start and jeans. Black or blue plain jeans, & Logo/ non-offensive T-shirt.
Don't dress cute - dress like you've been there before even if you haven't.

How to host a Biker Party

1. Before the Biker Party can get underway, your bikers and their babes need a club house to hold the event. Your backyard will do just nicely! To get the atmosphere of the biker party add some metal drums around the yard at different intervals. These will be the bar tables for the evening so that your guests can rest their drinks and bowls of nibbles can be put. Use orange, black and white balloons and streamers (Harley Davidson colours) to decorate and co-ordinate plates/ cutlery/ napkins in these colours. Cut out and laminate pictures / posters of bikes, bikers etc and have these hanging or pinned up around the yard also.

2. If you are catering for your guests, a pig on a spit is a perfect hog idea for a bikers’ party meal. These can be hired and are very user friendly. For a night off, why not have the party catered for , companies are for hire that will oversee the spit and all catering.

3. Cut some metal barrels length ways in half and fill with ice so that drinks can be readily available all night.

4. For entertainment, you will need some loud heavy metal music going on, an amateur stage and karaoke machine is a novel idea for a party. A pool table offers hours of fun and you can hold competitions as well. Buy miniature Harleys to give away to the winners. For those a little more daring, fill an inflatable kiddies pool with jelly and see how many are keen for a little jelly wrestling.

5. When sending out invitations, be sure to stipulate ‘fancy dress’ and that everyone has to come dressed as a Biker or Babe. Have prizes to give away for the best dressed.

Typical biker dress is denim jeans, flannelette shirt, leather vests, leather jackets, bandanas, wrap around sunnies, boots and of course facial hair and lots of it. For the ladies, short denim shorts or skirts, high heels, open flannelette shirt with bra exposed and leather jackets.

6. Tattoos are a must for any biker and babe, so you can have these available at the party for guests to put on for a bit of fun, you could even include them in the invitation. For a tattoo that will last a little longer, why not hire a body artist that will airbrush tattoos onto your guests. A little treat and memory of the great night had by all. Of course, any guest can wear their own, the more body art the better.

7. Everyone is sure to have a hog of a time!

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