Roast Party
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Roast Party

The Roast is a party that is held to pay tribute to someone, using humour as a means of honouring them. The “roasting” of the guest of honour is performed by those who know them well – friends and family – who each make a toast and a speech about the person.


Speeches that are performed at Roasts are typically cheeky, often making jokes about the guest of honour. If you’re planning to organise a Roast for someone, it’s important to make sure they have a sense of humour about themselves.

Before the big night, it can sometimes be a good idea to discuss the planned speeches to be sure that nothing too crude or insulting is said. The night is, after all, for the guest of honour and no one wants to upset them.

If anyone who plans to speak has any doubts about their speech, a good idea is to run it by someone who knows the guest of honour intimately.

This isn’t to say that anyone should be entirely shy about what they’ll say. The idea behind Roasting someone is that people show how much they care for them by making light of their flaws. Roasts are often best when the speeches skirt dangerously close to the line.

For ideas and jokes to use in a Roast speech, there are many websites that can offer simple one-liners and punch lines to poke fun at the guest of honour.


The Roast is best held when there are as many people as possible. Roast parties are traditionally held on special occasions, such as someone’s retirement or a significant milestone birthday such as a 50th or 60th.

Strangely enough, the more people who are present laughing “at” the guest of honour, the more comfortable they’ll feel about laughing at themselves. It’s also good to have a large crowd as this means more people can contribute to the Roast, giving a broad view of how they are seen by friends and family.


Considering the large crowds that a Roast will usually gather, the ideal venue would be a hall if it can be arranged. However, if hosting a Roast at home, it’s always good to be sure the speeches are given in either a large room or in the yard so that everyone can gather about for the toasts.

Tips & Ideas:

Slideshows can be an ideal way of poking fun at the guest of honour, showing them at their worst. The good thing about this too is that it won’t be anything they haven’t seen before – but they might not see it in the same light ever again!

Roast Party

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