Barn Dance Party
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Barn Dance Party

Kick up your heels with a Barn Dance Party. Here’s some advice and tips for holding a party that your guests will surely love.

Costume Suggestions

Tell guests to dress up in a country look. Chequered dresses would be perfect for the girls while the guys can dress as cowboys.


This party is best held in the backyard. Tables can be set out with red and white chequered tablecloths. Decorate the table using plastic farm animals and straw.

You can scatter straw about the yard, making fake fences out of cardboard. Cheap hay or straw can often be bought at pet stores where it might be called “Chaff”. It will require some raking later on but the kids will have a ball!

You could use hay and glue it to cardboard boxes to make your own hay-bales to line along the walls.

Give the yard a rustic feel by leaving out rakes, buckets and rope.

Brighten up the yard by stringing Christmas lights along the fence.

Set up a CD player and speakers outside and play Country and Western music.

Food Suggestions

Serve food such as pies, sandwiches or chips in baskets lined with straw. Cold chicken wings are good too. Try to make food that has a country feel to it.

Boiled eggs are also perfect for the day, arranged in nests on the table.

Games & Activities

Have a line dance and get the guests to boot-scoot, trying to follow a leader and keep in time to the steps.

If you’ve used hay to decorate the yard, make cleaning up fun by giving each guest a rake and hold a competition to see who can gather the biggest pile of hay within the time limit.

Readers Comments

We made the garage out to look like a barn using some of the partying tips you have. Fake barn doors, straw, the lot! Whole party was bootscootin at the end of the night. Lotta fun!
Cassie & Allen (Melbourne)

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Barn Dance Party

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