Stone-Age Party
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Stone-Age Party

Rediscover fire and reinvent the wheel with a Stone-Age Party! Here’s some advice and tips for holding a party that your guests will surely love.

Costume Suggestions

For a Stone Age look try dressing up in loincloths or tattered rags. You could maybe buy cloth that has an animal print.

Try to make a primal look by wearing unkempt hair and having smudged makeup on your face for a dirty look.

You could add twigs or leaves to your hair to add to the appearance.

Make a fake club by carving a large piece of Styrofoam and painting it to look like wood.


Decorate the house by draping the walls with Hessian cloth. You can add to it by making your own cave paintings on the Hessian. Look for examples of cave paintings on the Internet, animal figures, handprints, etc.

Give the house a primal look by laying down old rugs. You could even make your own rugs using cloth with an animal print.

Buy fake bones to leave lying about the floor. Rubber pet toys could be used for this.

Use dead tree branches to prop against the walls or even to tie to the backs of chairs and furniture for a primitive look. Scatter leaves about the floor.

Make a fake fire on the floor using twisted pieces of red and yellow cellophane and surrounding it with sticks.

Food Suggestions

Serve food with a rustic, primal look such as fruit and berries. Try and give food a messy look by loosely chopping or tearing it instead of cutting it neatly.

Make a platter laid out on banana leaves using large clumps of cheese and strips of beef jerky.

Serve large beef skewers using roughly cut chunks of meat and loosely chopped vegetables.

For inspiration try using the following films and themes:

Ice Age
Clan of the Cave Bear
Captain Caveman
The Flintstones
Encino Man

Readers Comments

I had another theme planned but couldn’t find everything I needed, so the ideas here were a BIG help when I had to change plans. Made it much easier to plan the party, as I was in a rush. Many thanks.
Gina (Brisbane)

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Stone-Age Party

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