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1950 | Fifties | Grease Party

The 50’s may be long gone, but it is an era that many people, old and young, still love to this day. If you’re looking for a theme for your party, the 50’s is a great one to choose!

There are many films and shows that can inspire your party, not to forget the film, “Grease”. Watch the film with your guests early in the night or better yet play the soundtrack at your party and everyone will be singing along in no time.

Other shows and films you can base your theme around can include Happy Days, Westside Story, American Graffiti… The list goes on!


If you’re having a theme party let your guests know well in advance. The more time they have to prepare their costume, the more comfortable they’ll feel. They’ll enjoy the night a lot more if they’re happy with their costume, and you’ll have more fun too. Be sure to let everyone know the theme. No one wants to turn up at a party feeling out of place.


Try serving 50’s style snacks instead of the usual party food. Below are some ideas that your guests will surely love!

- Burgers
- Hot Dogs
- French Fries
- Milk Shakes
- Jelly Beans
- Popcorn
- Punch


There are many bars that are tailored to a 50’s theme. See if you can find one to give the night a much more authentic touch.

The Drive-In was a booming hub for people to meet in the 50’s. You might consider having your guests take in a movie then head out later for the night.

The Roller Rink was also a popular meeting place in the Fifties. Find one in your area and hire it for the night. It’ll be even more fun if everyone is skating about in costume!

50’s Party Themes

Decorate the doorway to your home so that it looks like a 1950’s Movie Marquee.

- Take a cardboard box and cut it into a long rectangle, keeping each of the folded ends.
- Paint it black with a colourful border. If you have Christmas lights you can even line the border with them to make it look more authentic.
- Write something to describe your party in block white lettering. Announce it to your guests as though it’s the latest Cinema hit!
- Fix it above your doorway like a real Movie Marquee then roll out the red carpet!

For this theme, you could even ask friends to dress as ushers and dim the lights. Have them lead guests into the house with torches!

If a Drive-In is out of the question, you could hire a projector for the evening, screening 50’s films in the yard as your guests mingle about. Have popcorn on offer for everyone and it could be almost like the real thing!

Big Al’s Diner:
Setting this theme is actually simpler than it sounds! Set foldout tables and chairs about in a room like the Sitting Booths of a Burger Joint. You can even make menus to leave at each table with salt and peppershakers.

Pyjama Party:
Perfect for the guys as well as the gals! Simply have your guests arrive in their pyjamas!

Tips and Ideas:

Buy an inflatable Juke Box to set the mood for the night and place the stereo beside it. Or better yet, see if you can hire a Juke Box for the night and decorate the place like a 50’s Burger Joint. You could even hire a Pinball machine for the evening. The guests will love it!

You might also think about hiring a band for the night or even an Elvis Impersonator.

Games and Activities

Duck and cover!
Tommy the Turtle was an iconic cartoon of the 1950’s, instructing kids to find shelter beneath a table in the event of an Atomic Blast. Although serious at the time, these days it seems so naïve it’s hilarious!

Set tables or chairs out in the yard and have guests flee for cover when someone yells “Air-raid!” Make the game similar to Musical Chairs and your guests will be laughing like kids all over again!

The Big Coif:
Set out play-doh and potatoes for your guests. Set a timer and see who can fashion the play-doh as hair and make the biggest Coif!

Buy Hula Hoops for the party and have competitions to see who can swing a hoop the longest or even who can swing the most Hula Hoops!

Character & Costume Ideas:

Marilyn Monroe
Elvis Presley
James Dean
Roy Orbison
Humphrey Bogart
Frankie Valle
James Cagney
Betty Paige
Tommy the Turtle
Barbie & Ken
West Side Story
Happy Days
Peg Pants
Poodle Skirts
Bowling Shirts
Hawaiian Shirts
American Graffiti

Readers Comments

I had the best party ever with this one! I love the Grease movie and it was more fun partying to the music! Even my boyfriend who doesn’t like the movie said he had the best time!
Sharon G. 19 (Mildura Victoria)

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1950 | Fifties | Grease Party

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