Hawaiian Luau Party
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Hawaiian Luau Party

Say Aloha! to boredom, and Aloha! to fun with a Hawaiian Luau Party. Hereís some advice and tips for holding a Hawaiian Party that your guests will surely love.

Costume Suggestions

Tell the guests to wear loud, bright shirts, preferably Hawaiian.

Buy flower leis to give to each guest, putting them around their necks as they arrive to the party.

Many costume shops sell plastic leis or you might find a florist who can provide leis made of real flowers.


Set a tropical look by decorating the house in bright big flowers and leaves. You could maybe use real flowers bought from a florist.

You can also try making large flowers and leaves using crepe paper and cardboard. Make cutouts of coconut trees to put along the walls.

Decorate chairs by adding bamboo to the backs of them for an exotic touch. You can give the same look to tables by covering them with a bamboo blind.

Food Suggestions

Serve tropical food like large fruit platters using banana, berries, mangos, pineapple and other luscious fruit. Spice up a fruit salad by adding thick coconut shavings to it.

A roast would also be good for a Hawaiian celebration. You could maybe try to hire a spit for the party.

Make a large punch for the guests to drink. Add large chunks of pineapple and other fruit. You can decorate the punch bowl by surrounding it with leaves and flowers.

Serve food on large banana leaves instead of plates.

Try to serve drinks in halved coconut shells. Or you could even use pineapples with the centres hollowed out. Add bright bendy straws and cocktail umbrellas to add to the look.

Games & Activities

Pineapple Toss:
Set a table outside and cover it in a bamboo blind.

Line pineapples along it, spaced evenly apart, and have guests try to throw rings around them for prizes.

You can make rings by cutting the centres out of plastic plates. If you need to add more weight to the rings, use several plates taped together.

Coconut Bash:
Set a second table outside and cover it in a bamboo blind.

Line it with plastic cups and set a coconut on top of each one.

Mark a line on the ground using tape or even flour, and have a basket close by filled with balls.

Have the guests try to knock over the coconuts down.

Readers Comments

Aloha!!! Thanks for a great party. We didnít use a spit but one of my friends from New Zealand knows how to make a Hangi (cooking meat in a pit) so we did that instead with pork. Delicious!
Floz f23 (Melbourne)

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Hawaiian Luau Party

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