Christmas Day Party

Christmas day remains our most popular party and one that we all have been to.  If not at mum and dads, its been one that we have enjoyed while travelling. OK, the first and most important item to consider when planning Christmas day, is that the shops are shut, so planning is the key to Read More…

Party Planner & Checklist

It doesn’t matter whether the party is for a 1 year old, or a 100 year old, good planning will ensure the success of any party, so start with our free Party Planner & Checklist! Download and print > PartyPlanner (PDF) 68K | Over 34,250 downloads Follow the checklist and suggestions and whatever you do, don’t Read More…

Murder Mystery Party


A murder mystery game can be played almost anywhere so long as the guests can cope with deceit, treachery and murder. Murder mystery games are simply great fun whether held over dinner at home or professionally staged by a murder mystery ... [Continue Reading]

Party Ideas


Animal Zoo & Hire

Hiring animals for a party is only the start.. today you can hire an entire zoo full of creatures to ... [Continue Reading]


Party Add-Ons

We call these ADD-ONS... you are having a party and you need that 'something' extra... Try these ... [Continue Reading]


1st Birthday | First Birthday Party

The First Birthday party for your child is a special occasion, but it can also be one that new ... [Continue Reading]


1970 | Seventies | Disco Party

Boogie on down for a 70’s Disco Party or bump hips with a funky Abba Party! Here’s some advice and tips for holding a party that your guests will surely love. The 70’s are renowned for being everything from ... [Continue Reading]


Christmas Party

Deck the halls and celebrate Christmas in style! Here’s some advice and tips for holding a Christmas dinner or party that your guests will surely love. Invitations If you’re planning a Christmas ... [Continue Reading]